JDA urges Region G residents to take ownership of infrastructure developments amidst disruptions in projects

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), the infrastructure arm of the City of Johannesburg, has recommenced with several crucial infrastructure development projects in Region G following the Annual Construction Industry Shutdown in December.

Region G forms the southern periphery of the City. Projects in the region are vital for the growth and prosperity of the community, and the JDA is calling upon all residents to actively participate and take ownership of these initiatives.

Ongoing development projects in the region include the Chris Hani Sports Complex, Drieziek Multipurpose Centre, Orange Farm Public Transport Facility and the upgrading of gravel roads and associated stormwater infrastructure in Drieziek and Ennerdale South to name a few.


Disruptions to infrastructure projects can lead to increased costs, project delays, and ultimately higher expenses for taxpayers.

“By taking ownership of these developments, residents play a crucial role in minimizing disruptions, ensuring the timely completion of projects, and safeguarding the interests of the community,” JDA Executive Manager: Project Implementation Siyabonga Genu said.


“To ensure the success of these projects, the JDA urges residents of Region G to take ownership by actively participating and supporting the developments,” Genu said. This includes:

Community Engagement: Attend public meetings, workshops, and forums organized by the JDA to stay informed about project timelines, objectives, and potential disruptions.

Report Issues Promptly: Should you notice any issues or disruptions that may impact the progress of the projects, report them promptly to the JDA or the designated authorities.

Promote Safety and Compliance: Encourage fellow residents to adhere to safety guidelines and compliance measures to ensure a smooth execution of projects.

Be Informed: Stay informed about the importance of these infrastructure projects, their benefits to the community, and the potential consequences of disruptions.

Report Vandalism: Residents have a responsibility to report vandalism and theft of municipal infrastructure. Help maintain our city’s infrastructure by reporting theft and vandalism of public areas to 0800 002 587.

The City has identified Region G as a priority intervention area requiring locally specific short, medium, long-term development programmes and strategies based on a clearly articulated vision for a better future for this area.

“The JDA appreciates the cooperation and support of all residents in Region G. Together, we can build a more vibrant, sustainable, and resilient community,” Genu noted.

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