Soul Train FC steams to victory as champions of the Ananda Marga tournament

The Ananda Marga Soccer Tournament Top 16 electrified fans from 10 to 11 February at the Exchange Soccer Grounds in Ext 7b, where passion for the sport merged seamlessly with a sense of community camaraderie.

Organized by the dedicated trio of Menzi, Stanley, and Thandi, the tournament transcended mere competition, embodying the spirit of unity and shared love for soccer.

Amidst fervent cheers and nail-biting moments, Soul Train FC emerged as the undisputed champions, etching their name in the annals of the tournament’s history. Their victory was celebrated with great fanfare, as they clinched the coveted 1st prize, which included the prestigious cup, sleek kits, and shimmering gold medals, symbolizing their triumph on the field.

FTASD FC secured an impressive second place, displaying exceptional skill and determination throughout the tournament. Their noteworthy performance earned them the 2nd prize, featuring a small cup, two Adidas balls, and gleaming silver medals, a testament to their commendable achievement.

Rounding out the top ranks, Madiba United claimed the third spot, showcasing resilience and teamwork that captured the hearts of spectators. Their remarkable journey culminated in the 3rd prize, comprising soccer bibs and prestigious bronze medals, embodying their remarkable sportsmanship.

In addition to team accolades, individual excellence shone brightly as players distinguished themselves in various categories. The coveted titles of Top Scorer, Best Goalkeeper, Best Defender, and Discipline Player were awarded to deserving recipients, underscoring the depth of talent and sportsmanship present at the tournament.

The Exchange Grounds in Ext 7B served as the perfect backdrop for this exhilarating display of soccer prowess and community engagement. Amidst the cheers and jubilation, friendships were forged, and memories created, illustrating the power of sports to unite diverse communities in a shared passion.

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