SAAYC invites youth groups and organisations to apply for developmental programmes

In a bid to empower youth, the Southern African Association for Youth Clubs (SAAYC) extends an invitation to youth groups, clubs, and organisations to participate in specialized training and capacity-building programmes which aim to equip these groups with practical organisational development skills and leadership competencies.

The programmes offered by SAAYC cater to both groups and individuals, providing exposure to valuable information, training, and resources. This initiative aims to enable participants to make well-informed decisions about their lives and careers. Consequently, SAAYC has emerged as a crucial developmental tool for its beneficiaries.

Campaign Overview: SAAYC’s mission revolves around facilitating and implementing integrated youth development programmes through collaboration with strategic partners. The organisation offers training and program support services to youth leaders, clubs, individuals, and organisations. Services provided include capacity building for effective youth organisation management, leadership skills training, social entrepreneurship training, advocacy for youth work, computer and information communication technology training, and leadership seminars for youth-led organisations.

SAAYC actively encourages youth clubs to organise themselves as catalysts for youth development within their communities. The approach to youth development involves viewing young people as active participants in their own progress. SAAYC aims to influence positive thinking, facilitate environmental change, support young people in overcoming challenges, and empower them to determine the outcomes of their development.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Youth-Led Organisations
  2. Age between 18 – 35 years
  3. Organisation operational for 6 months or more
  4. Organisations working directly with youth, not project-based organisations
  5. Willingness to commit fully to an 18-month Organisational Development Program

Required Attachments: a) 1-page Youth Organisation Motivation Letter, outlining goals for participation b) Organization Profile

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Submission of all requested documents with the application is mandatory.
  2. Any breach of the Code of Conduct will lead to automatic expulsion, with costs incurred to be borne by the expelled party.
  3. Submission of a training report after attending any training session is obligatory.
  4. Completion of all assigned tasks by the organisation is necessary to qualify for training attendance.

The objectives for the current recruitment drive include the recruitment of youth organisations and clubs in South Africa, capacity building and development of various youth-led organisations, and inspiring young people to embrace democratic values and contribute to a just and equitable society.

Closing Date: February 29, 2024.

For more information and to apply, visit

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