City’s Accelerated Service Delivery drive hits Orange Farm

​City entities joined forces on Wednesday, 7 February 2024, during an Accelerated Service Delivery (ASD) drive in Region G. It marked the second day of the drive in Region G, which started on Tuesday, 6 February.

Mickey Padiachee, the Regional Director in Region G, says overall it was a successful service delivery drive and everyone were committed to the cause. Some of the biggest challenges the region faces are sewer leakages and the upgrading of infrastructure. 

The drive started at Orange Farm Multipurpose Centre where Social Development engaged residents about their social economic problems. Discussions were also held about gender-based violence and the region will explore collaborations with NGOs and the establishment of a forum.

Padiachee emphasised the importance of the City forming partnerships with residents and other key stakeholders. The drive then proceeded to the Orange Farm Library, where basic typing skills are taught to senior citizens as part of a weekly computer skills program. They have recorded their own experiences on the laptops in the hopes of having them published.

Senior citizens expressed their appreciation for the programme but did ask for an extension of an extra hour for the programme.The drive also went to Orange Farm’s Tebogo Home for Disabled Children in Extension 1. Entities also carried out service delivery cleanliness on the ground. City Parks cut the grass at Orange Farm Extension 1 behind the Boxer shopping centre. A clogged sewer was cleared in Orange Farm Extension 6A and Extension 7. JRA resurfaced Link Road Extension 2 and streetlights at Orange Farm Extension 4 and Stretford Extensions 3 and 4 were fixed by City Power.

Environmental Health and Pest control trained eight informal food traders on food handling and waste management and pest control. Ten complaints were received from the public and 120 educational pamphlets were distributed on related subjects.

The accelerated service delivery programme is being rolled out in all seven regions of the city. It aims to mobilise the resources to be part of a solution in addressing service delivery backlogs within the city. ​The initiative also aims to create a platform for constant feedback to communities on service delivery progress in responding to their demands.

The city’s departments and owned entities are using the programme to tackle service delivery backlog to residents such as clearing of illegal dumping sites, fixing of streetlights, patching of potholes, and enforcing the city’s bylaws to ensure compliance.

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