JMPD cracks down on reckless road behaviour

​In a move to fortify road safety, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) launched a campaign against reckless drivers and lawbreakers throughout the festive season and into the new year. 

JMPD’s Superintendent Xolani Fihla reveals the department’s unwavering commitment to road safety, implementing stringent measures to safeguard all road users during the festive season. Proactive roadblocks, intensified patrols, and strategic deployments across Johannesburg have been the order of the day, aimed at deterring and apprehending those threatening public safety.

A total of 1 113 motorists felt the heat, finding themselves in JMPD custody for driving drunk between November 27 2023 and January 7 2024. Meanwhile, 221 speedsters were nabbed for their lead-footed antics within the Johannesburg area from December 1 2023, to January 7 2024.

The festive season, unfortunately, witnessed 25 more reported crashes, with pedestrian incidents remaining a significant concern. ​The numbers tell a tale of 54 fatal crashes reported between December 1 2023 and January 7 2024, comprising 33 pedestrian incidents and 21 motor vehicle crashes.

Acting Chief of Police Angie Mokasi acknowledges the challenges reflected in these figures while emphasizing the proactive measures taken by the department to curb bad driving.Mokasi states: “Arrests for driving under the influence and excessive speeding send a crystal-clear message that Johannesburg will not tolerate irresponsible road behaviour.”

Fihla reinforces JMPD’s call for caution, urging all motorists to adhere to traffic regulations, prioritize safety, and collaborate in making Johannesburg a city where road safety reigns supreme. The newly established JMPD Tactical Response Unit has become a formidable force since its November 2023 launch.

Fihla proudly acknowledges their proactive stance, resulting in numerous arrests, recovery of illegal items, and retrieval of stolen vehicles, enhancing community safety.

Commending the relentless commitment of JMPD officers, Fihla concludes: “Their tireless efforts in fighting crime, ensuring road safety, and enforcing city by-laws have not gone unnoticed. Their constant presence serves as a powerful reminder that the safety and well-being of our citizens are paramount.”

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