Tebza Da Smawl takes Vaal’s entertainment scene by storm

Teboho Thokoa, better known as Tebza Da Smawl is a rising talent from Vaal whose journey in the world of entertainment began in Evaton North, where he reminisces about his early days at Kideo Kids Day Care.

“My love for dancing started during my time at Phahamang Primary School,” Tebza recalls.

Despite early setbacks in competitive dancing at Sedibeng District Dance of Dance, Tebza’s enthusiasm only intensified during his high school years at Rutasetjhab Secondary School.

He told Orange Farm News: “High school was the turning point for me; dancing became more than just a hobby.”

In 2017, while in grade 9, he joined the Young Milano Boys group, participating in street competitions that laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

In 2019, a new chapter unfolded in Tebza’s journey as he discovered a talent for MC’ing at the Vaal Redbat Party, the event where his skills captured the attention of the local community.

Navigating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tebza persisted, combining his passion for MC’ing and dancing. 2021 marked a significant milestone as he juggled his matric year and began receiving bookings for small outdoor events.

He said: “I did a lot in my matric year, I started to get booked for events, despite not having a personal phone or a social media platform to showcase my videos.”

In 2023, Tebza found a new platform at Vaal Monate Cafe, where his dancing prowess and powerful MC’ing vocals gained widespread recognition. Sharing the stage with renowned artists like Jobe London, Soulful G, Leemcrazy, Zodwa Wabantu, and catching the eye of Kenny Kunene’s family added to Tebza’s growing list of accomplishments.

Under the alias Tebza Da Smawl, a name inspired by his stature at work, he continued to make strides in the entertainment industry, collaborating with Lameez and SJuku Wama Walawala further enriched his portfolio.

At 21 years old, Tebza’s journey has been marked by hard work and determination. He concluded: “My biggest wish is to attend major festivals like Redsquere DJ Knock Out, Umshubelo, Masiza, Cotton Fest, Durban Rock, and Durban July. I aspire to be recognized not only as the best MC in South Africa but globally.”

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