Phansi ngokubulawa kwabafazi phansi!

Yesterday, a poignant memorial unfolded at the Multipurpose Centre, commemorating Busisiwe Ntuli and Bulelwa Skhotha, both tragically rendered comatose by their partners and succumbing to their injuries this month.

Busisiwe Ntuli and Bulelwa Skhotha, fought valiantly for their lives in comas but, heartbreakingly, succumbed, leaving their families shattered and their young children motherless. Both perpetrators are now in police custody, facing murder charges.

Family representatives shared the anguish, portraying the departed women as loving and caring individuals. They appealed for justice, urging men to cease abusing women and encouraging women to prioritize self-love, urging them to leave abusive relationships before it becomes too late.

The plea extended to stop enduring abusive relationships under the illusion of love, emphasizing the need for more decisive action against Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

Sophie Semo from Women in Motion shared her own survival story, highlighting the dire consequences of domestic abuse.

Representatives from various organizations expressed concerns about the prevalent GBV cases in Orange Farm and stressed the importance of educating both men and women about this pervasive issue. The resounding message was a call for an end to GBV, urging women to leave abusive relationships before facing the ultimate tragedy.

Diverse organizations, including Gender-Based Violence Brigades, CPF, Thetha FM’s Tsatsi Tseke, Ward Councillors, political parties, religious groups, SANCO, Women in Motion, community members, government officials, and others, came together for the event.

The Ntuli and Skhotha families expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support they’ve received since the beginning of this harrowing journey.

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