City shines brighter as close to 100% of its residents get access to electricity

​In a bold move to improve the safety and quality of life of all residents, the City of Johannesburg has increased the availability of basic services, especially electricity, in communities. 

The City has made great efforts to increase the availability of power for its citizens, which has significantly improved thousands of people’s quality of life.

 According to the latest census report, the percentage of households with access to electricity for lighting has increased between year 2011 and 2022. In 2011, 90.8% of the City’s residents had access to electricity and in 2022, the percentage has risen to an impressive 94.1%.

City Power has achieved this significant milestone by making over 10,000 links through the Upgrade of Informal Settlement Policy, particularly focusing on the electrification of informal settlements and the installation of street lighting to enhance visibility and reduce crime at night.

“With the City’s population growing annually, we successfully linked over 10,000 households. Electrification of informal settlements has always been our key focus and our commitment to this goal remains strong as we continue to connect additional households through our ongoing projects,” says Anza Modau, the General Manager of Grid Liability and Expansion at City Power.

Nocky Lipheko, a Senior Engineer at City Power, shared his experience witnessing a community’s reaction as the lights were switched on. ​He said these achievements bring joy to their team as they witness smiles and gratitude on the individuals’ faces.“It is incredibly rewarding to witness the positive impact our projects have on the lives of Johannesburg residents. Beyond the numbers, it is about creating lasting change and improving the quality of life for our communities,” says Lipheko.

To further demonstrate dedication to proactive service delivery and prioritising electrification for all citizens in response to the demands of the disadvantaged, City has ongoing projects including Slovo Park (Crosby), Kathrada Park, and Denver Informal Settlement, all of which are expected to be completed by June 2024.

Several projects approved by City’s Department of Human Settlement have also played a huge role in the successful electrification of informal settlements from 2019 to date, including notable projects such as Rabie Ridge, Kliptown, and Alexandra Normalisation, among others.

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