Signs your partner is possessive

If you still aren’t sure what possession entails, then seeing some examples may help. Consider these red flags that your partner is more interested in control than love.

1. They Put Restrictions on Your Actions

If your partner says they don’t like it when you hang out with certain friends or forbids you from going somewhere you like to spend time, it’s a sign of possession. Your partner is trying to control your movements and keep you dependent on them.

2. They Want to Spend All Their Time With You

Another sign is that your partner tries to convince you to spend all your free time with them. At first, you may want to spend all your time together, but couples need to spend time apart after the initial infatuation period. A romantic relationship is just one aspect of your life. It shouldn’t have all of your attention.

3. They Try to Manipulate You

Does your partner pout or get mad at you when you don’t do what they want? Possessive people try to get others to bend to their will, which is a sign of ownership.

There is a fine line between a relationship based on love and one based on possession, but it can be hard to see the difference when the relationship is your own.

Possession involves deep passion, which you may mistake for love. When someone wants to know where you are every minute of the day, it can feel as though they want to protect or take care of you. It actually reflects a desire to possess you, to determine how you spend your time and become the central focus of your life.

How to Tell the Difference Between Love and Possession

Love has been defined by so many people and in so many ways. The dictionary defines it as an intense feeling of deep affection. People have used love to solve problems, to justify problems, and to fix problems. The truth is love is our emotional reaction to someone or something.

Possession has been defined by people as owning and controlling someone or something. The dictionary defines it as the state of having, owning, or controlling something. The truth is we, as people, could be confusing love with possession. We hear people say, ‘I take pride in my family. This means they feel love from having a family that displays what they want to show the world. But is this love for the family or pride in the possession?

Is your relationship possessive or caring? Figuring out the difference between possession and love can save you heartache and pain.

By Katherine Ansley

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