Mihle, entrepreneur behind CrownByHlehle, introduces bedroom toys

At just 19, Mihle Nondumo, the brain behind CrownByHlehle since its inception in 2021, has transformed her business from selling frontals to a one-stop-shop for diverse products.

Originally focused on hair, CrownByHlehle now offers an array of items, including perfumes, bedroom toys, lingerie and occasional clothing.

Mihle, who embarked on her entrepreneurial journey during matric, showcased her adaptability by expanding her product range. Notably, she introduced bedroom toys and lingerie, creating a unique business venture in her community.

Recognizing the demand and supply dynamics, Mihle seizes opportunities that come her way.

Speaking to Orange Farm News: “I market my business through Facebook groups and primarily on TikTok. Leveraging these platforms helps me connect with a wider audience, attracting more customers and simplifying the process.”

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