Orange Farm’s R49M transport facility at 60% completion

​​The Orange Farm Public Transport Facility will prioritise safety, sustainability, and accessibility for all commuters, including those with disabilities in the area.

 The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), the City of Johannesburg’s infrastructure arm, has made considerable progress on the R49 million facility, now at 60% completion. Through this development, the City commits to connect the metropolitan to enhance public transit. The state-of-the-art facility promises to be functionally robust and aesthetically pleasing, embodying a commitment by the City to ongoing urban development initiatives.

This project is designed to meet the diverse needs of commuters, with a special focus on the disabled, women, and children. It will boast essential features such as holding bays, loading bays, wash bays, trader stalls, and ablution facilities catering to disabled users. A public square with a sitting area will create a vibrant hub for traders and the community.

The Orange Farm Public Transport Facility aligns seamlessly with the City’s broader vision for improved connectivity. Nestled along crucial arterials, the facility will enhance mobility within the city and significantly expand public transport options.

The strategic location at the corner of Link Road and St Patricks Road ensures that the facility becomes a cornerstone for efficient and accessible transportation services. Ensuring the safety of commuters remains a paramount priority for the City. The facility has been designed to create a secure environment for all users by incorporating features such as well-lit spaces, designated holding areas, and comprehensive ablution facilities. 

​The facility aims to instill confidence in every commuter, making public transport a reliable and secure mode of travel. As the Orange Farm Public Transport Facility advances, the JDA underscores its commitment to empowering local communities through strategic infrastructure development.

The JDA’s mission directs the project team to create a conducive environment for economic empowerment and makes use of programmes for the development of SMMEs. The project has created employment opportunities for the community.

Twelve local SMMEs and 63 local labourers have been on the project.“The Orange Farm Public Transport Facility is not just a construction project; it’s a testament to our commitment to fostering a city where mobility is seamless, safety is paramount, and every citizen, regardless of age or ability, can participate fully in the economy,” said Siyabonga Genu, the JDA’s acting CEO. 

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