Spreading joy, one shine at a time: Ubuntu Take-Care Projects’ polishing initiative

Nicolus Malakoane, also known as DJ REjazzsa from Ext 4, wears many hats – a radio host on Black Culture Radio, a club DJ, and a filmmaker. He is the founder of the Ubunt-Take Care project, where he lovingly polishes shoes for learners with the support of generous polish donations.

His mission is simple yet impactful: ensuring all learners’ shoes are polished and shiny. The project kicked off in 2023 on Mandela Day when Nicolus assisted 20 community members in earning Basic Computer and Receptionist certificates within a week. Classes were conducted at Club 2000 Drieziek 6.

Madume Primary School, situated in Nicolus’s community, became the focal point of the Ubuntu-Take Care initiative. The principal’s overwhelming response and the emotional connection with parents showcased the project’s positive impact. Generous donations, including materials, have fueled Nicolus’s journey to instill confidence in the future generation.

His motivation is clear – to influence society positively, one child at a time, particularly the younger generation who view him as a role model. The impact doesn’t stop there; Ubuntu-Take Care extends support beyond shoe polishing. The project is set to provide afternoon meals, assist with washing school uniforms for less fortunate learners and even help create mini gardens at home to promote healthy eating.

For those willing to contribute to the Ubuntu-Take Care Projects, please contact Nicolus on 076 477 3304. Your support can make a significant difference in fostering positive change in the lives of these young learners.

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