Orange Farm’s rising star K More Da Volcano set to ignite music scene with debut EP

The vibrant streets of Orange Farm are about to witness the eruption of a musical volcano as Kamohelo Moleko, widely known as K More Da Volcano, gears up to release his much-anticipated debut EP titled ‘Last Boy Scout’ next month.

The EP promises to deliver a fusion of fresh music and smooth vibes, with K More Da Volcano infusing the essence of hip-hop with a sprinkle of his roots and childhood nostalgia.

As the Founder and CEO of Animal Records, K More Da Volcano from Ext 8b is already making waves with a roster of dominating artists, including Tque Musiq, Phil Charts, A Smash, Saint Sinner and more. The EP is a testament to K More Da Volcano’s commitment to paying homage to the youthful energy and experiences that shaped his journey in the music industry.

Speaking about his connection to eFarma, K More Da Volcano told Orange Farm News: “Orange Farm is where it all began for me. The raw energy and vibrant culture of this lively part of Jozi influenced my music. I aim to create a unique sound that resonates with the rhythms and childhood games of these neighborhoods.”

At just 20 years old, K More Da Volcano is not only an ambitious artist but also the brand ambassador for NEATDIRT, a local clothing brand.

“I am too ambitious and driven by passion to set goals for myself; however, I am music,” added K More Da Volcano.

For booking inquiries, reach out to Animal Records via email at or contact 071 715 4537.

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