Tragic shooting claims lives of eight, including 13-year-old girl in Orange Farm

In the opening week of 2024, JMPD TRU officers, in collaboration with Provincial SAPS Crime Intelligence, made multiple arrests in Orange Farm.

Notably, four notorious males sought for house robbery, murder and crimes related to a mass shooting that claimed eight lives, including that of a 13-year-old girl, were apprehended.

In a separate incident, acting on a tip about drug activities in Ext 4, JMPD TRU officers conducted searches, leading to the discovery of 12 full mandrax, 10 half mandrax and a bag full of weed in two shacks. Two suspects were taken into custody.

Simultaneously, JMPD TRU officers received information about an individual carrying a firearm. Upon reaching the specified address in Orange Farm, they found the suspect, conducted a search and discovered an unlicensed firearm in his possession, resulting in the suspect’s arrest.

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