Stretford CHC launches campaign to promote consistent adherence to ARV medication 

On 7 December, Stretford CHC played host to the ARV’s ART campaign, themed “ARV’s 4 ME.” This initiative, resuming from October, aims to foster consistent ARV medication adherence. 

The campaign’s key objectives include increasing enrollment of individuals aged 25-49 on Anti-retro Treatment (ARV’s ART), motivating ongoing adherence in this age group and encouraging those who have interrupted ART to restart. The primary focus is on patients in communities and facilities, specifically those not attending clinics or retained in care.

Targeting the 25-49 age group addresses a significant retention gap at 6 and 12 months from enrollment, attributed to competing priorities such as job-seeking, survival activities in poverty, work, and child-care.

The campaign aims to address the underemphasized convenience of healthcare services and the ease of ART adherence. To approach this differently, clinic staff and outreach teams plan to reinforce the value of taking ART with a positive attitude and valuable information.

Health messaging will underscore the importance of ART, emphasizing how staying healthy reduces worry and facilitates managing life’s competing priorities.

The campaign will highlight the ease and convenience of staying on treatment, promoting aspects like one pill a day with minimal side effects and accessible pick-up locations.

For more info please visit Stretford Clinic.

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