Renia Tshabalala’s inspiring journey from unemployment to cultivating hope through farming

In a challenging economic climate with soaring unemployment, Renia Tshabalala of Ext 1 defied the odds, starting her farming venture in 2022 to sustain her family and contribute to the community.

Tshabalala, told Orange Farm News: “With children to care for and no employment, I turned to farming as a means of survival. My garden in Lakeside, next to the dam, produces various crops like onions, which I sell to generate income. However, I face challenges in marketing, lack of tools, and the need for more planting space.”

Expressing her passion for farming, Tshabalala dreams of expanding her reach to markets despite the obstacles. Remarkably, she gives back to her community by donating food from her garden to homes and residents.

Tshabalala is reaching out for assistance in acquiring tools, crops, land and guidance on enhancing her garden.

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