Siyabonga Nzama transforms waste into a valuable asset

Meet Siyabonga Nzama (27) a local entrepreneur from Drieziek 3, inspired by his waste-picker parents. In the midst of the Covid year (2020), Nzama seized the opportunity to start Fed Waste (Pty) Ltd, an environmental specialist company.

Driven by a desire to create a sustainable legacy for his family and community, he embraced the idea of turning waste into a valuable resource. Fed Waste focuses on various environmental aspects, bridging the gap from individuals known as “nyaope boys” to large corporations.

Siyabonga holds deep respect for these individuals, recognizing them as unsung heroes contributing significantly to our economy. With an emphasis on self-employment, the initiative aims to create a greener community for future generations.The company’s impact extends beyond individuals to include big corporations such as law firms, retailers, estates and offices.

Fed Waste promotes the idea that waste, a part of our daily lives, should be treasured. Through corporate social investment programs, the initiative educates communities about recycling, creating employment opportunities and generating household revenue from recyclable waste. In a rallying call to the youth, Nzama advocates for seizing opportunities in the waste sector, emphasizing that it’s not a capital-intensive business.

He urges the youth to create their own big corporations, envisioning a future where communities, like Orange Farm, can harness their resources to achieve ambitious goals. Nzama encourages everyone to start, recognizing that the seemingly impossible becomes achievable through action.

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