Reggae sensation Stepping Raizor set to unleash EP next year

Orange Farm’s own reggae sensation, John Gxamtwana, known by his stage name Stepping Raizor, is gearing up to drop a powerful musical experience with his upcoming EP.

The 7-track reggae masterpiece, set to release in the coming year, has already seen the recording of two tracks, with the artist diligently working on the remaining songs for the highly anticipated release.

Brace yourself for an EP that’s bound to set the scene ablaze. Gxamtwana’s life is a canvas painted with art, with his creative journey kicking off back in 2000 as part of the Phaphama Youth Club.

The sparks ignited then continued to fuel his passion when he joined United Underground Productions in 2002, ultimately leading to the establishment of Jamtengure Production in the same year—a venture that received full registration in 2012.

Beyond the realm of music creation, this gifted artist extends his talents to crafting and building indigenous instruments. As an entrepreneur, he not only creates but also sells and repairs these instruments. In addition to his musical pursuits, John wears the hat of an art facilitator/teacher at Zitha Primary School in Evaton.

Supported by the Nkosana Ngobese Foundation, ArtStudio@5018, and Assitej—organizations he officially joined in 2022—John thrives in nurturing artistic talent. At ArtStudio@5018, a hub for creative minds, John collaborates with fellow artists, attending workshops that facilitate upskilling and development.

As a part of the Stepping Raizor Youth Foundation, he extends his passion to the community, playing and teaching in the backyard of his home. For Gxamtwana, music transcends mere notes; it intertwines with his spirituality and beliefs. Proudly identifying as a Rastafarian and a member of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress, he channels his convictions into every musical note.

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