Black Mode Productions’ Local Hub show to showcase kasi’s talent

Nicole Ndebele from Black Mode Productions shares thrilling news about their latest venture, the Local Hub show, designed to spotlight local talent.

As an audio-visual company specializing in short films, web series and documentaries with a distinctive local flavor, Black Mode Productions aims to amplify the voices of emerging artists.

Nicole told Orange Farm News: “We’ve created the Local Hub show to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talents. Our goal is to be their voice, ensuring they are not only heard and seen but also recognized by a wider audience, allowing them to enjoy well-deserved attention for their music.”

Understanding the challenges of building a career, Nicole emphasized the importance of overcoming obstacles. Local Hub steps in by conducting insightful interviews, asking 3-4 questions and then providing a stage for artists to showcase their talents. The show’s mission extends beyond this, involving branding and marketing efforts to connect artists with their existing fans and attract new ones.

Local Hub is genre-agnostic, welcoming artists from all musical backgrounds. The essence of the show revolves around flavor, vibe and entertainment.

Season 1 is already available on YouTube, offering viewers a taste of the diverse talents featured. With Season 2 on the horizon, interested artists are encouraged to reach out.

For more info please contact Nicole via call or WhatsApp on 083 492 1540. Also follow Black Mode Productions on social media platforms.

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