Women of Spear Program launched in Orange Farm to forge stronger communities

Orange Farm witnessed a groundbreaking event as the Setshaba Sothle National Business Forum’s MPU.COM Design Space introduced a Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Women of Spear Program on 22 November at the Blue Church in Drieziek 1.

The initiative aims to uplift communities by addressing the challenges faced by women and fostering a holistic approach to community development is centred on empowering women to take charge of their lives while extending support to uplift one another and, in turn, strengthen the communities they inhabit.

The gathering commenced with an array of programs unveiled to assist women of varying age groups, from young girls to seasoned women, combat prevalent societal challenges. Emphasising the importance of not remaining passive bystanders in community building, the event aimed to reignite the spirit of ‘ubuntu’ and collective responsibility among attendees.

“We, as women, bear the responsibility of nurturing society and can play an instrumental role in repairing the fabric of our communities,” expressed one of the speakers, Mpuse Mokone.

The speakers emphasized the need for women to rediscover their identity, combat daily challenges, and reorient their mindset to lead their families effectively.

Some of the attendees at the launch

Key figures in attendance included Mrs Soweto Charity 2023 Kefilwe Luczinski and Mpho Molaudzi from the Department of Economic Development, highlighting the ample business opportunities available for women and their contributions to supporting Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs).

Sylvia Sesing, a prominent figure in the construction industry, steered the event as the Master of Ceremonies, guiding the audience through the proceedings.

The Setshaba Sothle National Business Forum served as the primary supporter of the Women of Spear program, emphasizing their commitment to women’s empowerment and community development. Chairperson Bangile McGina, extended gratitude to all stakeholders and participants for their involvement in this crucial initiative.

More attendees

The event also witnessed the support of notable stakeholders like Vodacom and Ntsako Mbhokoto from Carob Magazine Africa, who encouraged women to believe in their aspirations and assured them that every goal is attainable with dedication and planning.

For further information about the Women of Spear program, individuals can reach out on 067 348 7701 via WhatsApp.

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