Kgothatso Montjane wants to bow out on a high in her last Paralympic Games

South Africa’s accomplished wheelchair tennis player Kgothatso Montjane is gearing up for her ultimate Paralympic Games appearance in Paris next year with the aspirations of concluding her career on a triumphant appearance note.

Throughout a remarkable year, she secured victory in two Grand Slam doubles events – the US Open and the ITF Doubles Masters – partnering with Yui Kamaji of Japan. Despite these significant achievements, Montjane continues to harbour the dream of clinching her first podium finish at the Paralympic Games.

The eagerly anticipated Games are scheduled to unfold in Paris from August 28 to September 8. Providing the 37-year-old athlete, hailing from Limpopo, an opportunity to etch her name in history.

Reflecting on an outstanding year, she envisions concluding it with a stellar performance at the Games, a dream on the verge of realization. The year she dedicated significant efforts to fortify her mental resilience, emphasizing the importance of mental well-being in her preparation for the Paralympics.

Montjane recognized the reality of mental health challenges and proactively addressed them to ensure she entered the Games in optimal space.

“At 37, this upcoming Games marks my final opportunity, and securing a spot on the podium is my ultimate goal. The desire to claim a Paralympic medal has always been a driving force, and I view this as my prime opportunity to achieve that dream. Prior to clinching the double Grand Slams, I faced challenges with injuries and grappled extensively with mental health, ultimately gaining control over both.  Acknowledging the undeniable significance of mental well-being, I am committed to representing my country with pride at the Games, seeking the fulfillment I crave.  My prayer is to undergo thorough preparation, increasing my chances of excelling in what I consider a monumental year,” shared Montjane with SABC Sport.

Montjane is currently on a few weeks breaks and will resume her training next month to begin her preparations for the Games in Paris with her season starting in January.

(story credit: SABC Sport)

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