Phil Cash’s music confront and conquer kasi’s social turmoil

In the heart of Lakeside Ext 1, Happy Mokoena, also known as ‘Phil Cash,’ emerges as a powerful force using his music to confront the social challenges plaguing the hood.

Launching his music career in 2008, this versatile Hip Hop artist and producer draws inspiration from the gritty realities of his surroundings—drugs, peer pressure, abuse, povert and the daily grind. Phil Cash’s musical journey, marked by resilience, serves as a testament to overcoming adversity.

From struggling to secure studio time, he now stands strong, delivering a powerful message through his art. His repertoire includes impactful EPs like “Qalong ya Hip Hop” (produced by Magascar), “Moment of Truth” (produced by NBS Music), and “Monyetla” (produced by Cul Tee), showcasing his dynamic range.

Having graced stages at Vaal Monateng Cafe, Edladleni Pub and Grill, Sarah’s Place Tembisa, Kota Fest Bachilli Lifestyle and more, Phil Cash’s influence extends far beyond the studio.

One of his standout singles, “Banana” (produced by Cul Tee), resonates strongly on the streets, while his collaboration with Botswana’s top videographer, Jack Bohloko, adds visual depth to his narrative.

Phil Cash’s collaborations with artists like Justsam, T’bu twiz, Mr Kg, Shadow Wave, Ghuzu, Shangaan, Tesoro, and Toxication showcase a network of talent united by a common purpose.

Join the movement as Phil Cash continues to amplify the voices of his community and spark change through the rhythm of his music.

Stay connected with Phil Cash on social media: Facebook: Phil Cash and Twitter: @PhilCash_SA.

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