Carnival extravaganza transforms Orange Farm into a colourful rainbow haven

The Nkosana Ngobese Foundation orchestrated a vibrant spectacle in Orange Farm on Sunday, 12 November, as the Puppets Street Theatre and Indigenous Music Carnival Parade unfolded successfully.

Divided into two captivating processions, one group, led by Indigenous Music and cultural performers, commenced from Mshengu Park Ext 1. Simultaneously, a youth-centric second group, featuring skateboarders and contemporary dancers, paraded from Love Life Y Centre Ext 6.

Both groups converged at the Multi-purpose Sports ground, transforming Orange Farm into a Rainbow Farm with the lively carnival. The event aimed to revive the spirit of Ubuntu, promote positive social change, foster inclusivity and address social issues through the expressive mediums of arts and culture.

The dynamic live performances included cultural groups, brass bands, musicians, drum majorettes, amatshitshi, pantsula dancers, kofifi dancers, contemporary dances, and adorned horses pulling colorful carts.

A special highlight of the carnival was the presence of giant puppets honoring renowned South Africans like Siya Kolisi, Anele Mdoda, Leon Schuster (Mr Bones), PJ Powers, Brenda Fassie and John Kani.

The Nkosana Ngobese Foundation expressed gratitude to sponsors, performers, facilitators, volunteers and the community for contributing to the event’s success. With enthusiasm, they look forward to the Carnival Parade 2024.

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