Xolani Khumalo moves on after Moja Love

The controversial crime buster, Xolani Khumalo, found another way to continue doing the “Lord’s work”. This after he was dropped like a hot potato by Moja Love last week, after doing two seasons of the channel’s drug-busting show, Sizokuthola.

It was announced on Friday that Khumalo had joined hands with the MMC for public safety in the City of Johannesburg, Mgcini Tshwaku, in fighting crime in the city.

Tshwaku launched the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department’s Tactical Reaction Unit and the Crime Prevention and Combating Unit to assist police in the fight against crime, drugs and human trafficking.

Khumalo will be helping the city through his Xolani Khumalo Foundation, which he was allegedly asked by Moja Love to dissolve. The channel said it needed to know the beneficiaries of the foundation since Khumalo “launched [it] off the back of Sizokuthola’s success”.

“MMC has heard my cry. I have been crying ‘let’s do something’. We are here to serve our communities, and we are here to make sure that our communities are safe,” said Khumalo, adding that they would be joined by other community organisations that are fighting crime.

“It’s a good thing that the government is endorsing us now. We will continue to work no drug dealer will sleep at home. We will work every day and I will make sure that we eradicate drugs, guns and elicit goods and the expired food from the Pakistani shops. People will try to fight with you and intimidate you, but the struggle continues,” said Khumalo, speaking to the media during the launch.

The MMC said people on social media had been complaining about them not working with Khumalo.He added that he and an undercover unit once accompanied Khumalo to Hillbrow during one of their operations and they successfully came out with drugs.

“The way that these gentlemen are working, I know that they have stepped on other people’s toes. What has Xolani done? He gave himself to fighting crime,” the MMC said.

He said that the newly launched squad would shoot to kill anyone who pointed a gun at the police or community members.

Khumalo told City Press that he and Moja Love have not communicated since the break-up.

(story credit: City Press)

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