Johannesburg Water extends prepaid smart meter initiative to Orange Farm

In a bid to enhance water management efficiency, Johannesburg Water is set to roll out its prepaid smart meter project, expanding from Cosmo City to encompass various areas, including Diepkloof, Orlando East and West, as well as Orange Farm and parts of Soweto.

The initiative, which began with the successful switch from open mode to prepaid smart meters in Cosmo City on 1 November, is now scheduled to progress further into other neighborhoods. The rollout plan is as follows:

  • Orlando East: 13 November 2023
  • Orlando West: 15 November 2023
  • Diepkloof: 27 November 2023
  • Orange Farm: 28 November 2023

Johannesburg Water is actively engaged in consultation processes with ward councillors and the community, aiming to educate residents on crucial aspects. This includes detailing the benefits of the new prepaid smart meters, guidance on where and how to purchase water credits, emphasizing the importance of timely service payments, and providing information on the Expanded Social Package (ESP).

Residents in Orlando East and West, Diepkloof, and Orange Farm are strongly encouraged to ensure they possess a Customer Interface Unit (CIU). CIUs are essential display units installed inside houses, linked to prepaid water meters, and play a crucial role in loading units when purchasing water credits.

For residents who have not received a CIU or have lost one, they can visit their nearest City of Johannesburg Customer Service Centre. To facilitate the process, they will need to provide the property owner’s name and surname, the physical address of the property, meter number, and relevant contact details. The replacement cost for a lost CIU is R680.

It is emphasized that the refusal to switch to prepaid smart meters will result in Level 3 water cuts, and affected residents will incur charges for reconnection.

For more information, residents can reach out to the following customer service centers:

Customer Service Centres for Orange Farm Residents

Frequently asked questions on the STS Meter Project can be found on the official Johannesburg Water website.

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