Orange Farm News Exclusive: Create a remix of Elkiddy’s ‘Indaba’ and secure a feature in his upcoming track!

Elkiddy Mn presents an exciting opportunity with the ‘Indaba’ open verse challenge, an exceptional contest calling upon artists to display their lyrical prowess by crafting unique verses for the song ‘Indaba’.

The standout artist with the most captivating verse could earn a coveted feature on one of Elkiddy’s forthcoming tracks.

Running from 1 December to 31 December, participants are encouraged to submit their remixes by sharing recorded verses on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook (reels, stories, posts), TikTok, or Instagram while tagging @elkiddymnsa in their posts.

To listen to the song, available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, visit Elkiddy’s social media pages for easy access to the pinned song link.

Participants are urged to align their remixes with the song’s theme, which delves into universal human experiences and navigating daily challenges.

The winner will be revealed on 5 January, 2024.

For additional details, reach out to Elkiddy Mn at 071 810 2489.

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