TikTok sensation from Orange Farm garners 1 Million likes advocating school hygiene

With an impressive 85.3k followers and 1 million likes on TikTok, Mthobisi Nsibande, a Grade 12 student at Thetha Secondary in Drieziek 4, has leveraged the platform to advocate for cleanliness and the importance of adhering to complete and respectful school uniforms within educational institutions.

Choosing TikTok as a platform to craft unique content, Mthobisi’s approach has significantly expanded his following and engagement, affirming the value of his endeavors. He actively encourages fellow students to maintain cleanliness, adhere to the full uniform, and abstain from wearing attire like sneakers or non-uniform T-shirts.

Acknowledging the financial constraints some students face in acquiring complete school uniforms, Mthobisi advocates for donating spare uniforms to those in need, fostering a sense of confidence among all students.

Identified as an ‘iBhinca,’ a term denoting Zulu individuals who prioritize cleanliness and dressing well, Mthobisi is dedicated to promoting hygiene.

Speaking to Orange Farm News: “My content revolves around advocating for cleanliness in schools, fostering a sense of love for and pride in wearing the school uniform. I take pride in being an iBhinca; it’s an integral part of who I am and I encourage others to embrace their identity without any shame. I believe in fostering healthy competition among students, be it in academics, hygiene or cultural values, while emphasizing the significance of respecting our educators.”

His TikTok videos garnered attention, leading to meetings and words of encouragement from notable figures like the president of amaBhinca, Ngizwe Mnchunu, and other renowned individuals.

Mthobisi also shared his plan to release a Masikandi EP after completing his final exams.

Follow Mthobisi on TikTok: @mc..maphathefika4000.

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