Empowering Mphethi Mahlatsi learners with skills through the Phahamisang Skills Project

Mphethi Mahlatsi Secondary School in Ext 8b initiated a program in May this year, focusing on equipping learners with essential practical skills.

Phahamisang Skills Project was founded by Bethuel Mokoena, it provides a range of programs including Welding, IT and Makeup. Phahamisang director and educator at Mphethi Mahlatsi explained to Orange Farm News that the project’s primary goal is to empower Grade 11 students with skills in Welding, IT and Make-up.

The initiative aims to ensure that every learner, not only within Mphethi Mahlatsi but across Orange Farm, can acquire these crucial skills, enabling them to sustain themselves beyond their Matriculation. Although the project excludes Grade 12 due to their demanding schedule, the plan is to eventually encompass learners from Grade 8 through Grade 11.

Mokoena expressed ambitions to expand the program throughout the entire Gauteng province, with the vision that every secondary school student would possess fundamental practical skills before completing Grade 12. The response from learners has been enthusiastic, and many parents are eager for their children to join.

Upon completion of the program, participants receive attendance certificates and invaluable knowledge. Mokoena highlighted that these certificates allow learners to leverage the acquired knowledge for entrepreneurial ventures, as the aim is to enable them to establish their own businesses.

As the project currently relies on tools provided by parents, Mokoena encouraged anyone willing to assist by providing tools to get in touch.

To assist Phahamisang Skills Project, please call 081 520 6266.

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