Rekgutlile Primary seeks sponsors for their upcoming awards ceremony

This educational institution takes pride in nurturing its students by recognizing their hard work. Rekgutlile is preparing to host its annual awards event on 7 December and is appealing for sponsorship to ensure the success of the occasion.

The school acknowledges top-performing students by presenting them with trophies and medals. 

Mastela Libele, an educator at Rekgutlile, told Orange Farm News: “This marks the pinnacle of our academic year, where we celebrate our students. The objective of these awards is to inspire and motivate our students to wholeheartedly engage in their studies, enjoy their time at school and more. We acknowledge high-achieving students across all domains.”

“We kindly request sponsors to assist us. Our school does not charge school fees and most parents of our students are unemployed, making it challenging for us to reach our goal. We need to cater to 200 students and 470 staff members, totaling 670 individuals. Assistance with catering would be greatly appreciated,” added Lebele.

The award categories for trophies are as follows:

1. Overall Performance: Top 3 students per class – 81

2. Top Performance in Grade 7 per subject -10

3. Phases Category: Best Library Attendees -7

4. Sports -12

5. Scholar Patrol -14

6.Principal Award -1 student who excelled in all phases

Medal categories:

1. Overall Performance per Grade – 27, gold medals

2. Most Improved Student per class – 27, silver medals

3. Most Neat and Well-Behaved Student – 27, bronze medals.

Rekgutlile Primary School earnestly appeals to Orange Farm, residents and local businesses for their support, as this event holds immense significance for the school, students, and parents, inspiring and propelling them towards achieving greatness.

To help Rekgutlile please call 076 710 0794 or 082 553 7271.

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