The Mothupi’s recipe for relationship success: Love, communication and respect

In a world where skepticism surrounds the existence of love, Jerry Douza and Ntombizodwa Mothupi from Lake Side, Ext 1, stand as living proof that love not only exists but thrives when couples actively work together.

 The couple, who sensed the inevitability of their union from the moment they met, decided to share their heartwarming love story with Orange Farm News. Having come together in 2018, Mr. and Mrs. Mothupi have been blessed with three beautiful children.

Their journey culminated in a joyous traditional ceremony, Umembeso, celebrated on 7 October, witnessed by family, friends and neighbors. Mrs. Mothupi revealed that it was her husband’s captivating beauty, charm and his loving, caring nature that drew her in. On the other hand, Mr. Mothupi expressed that it was his wife’s infectious smile and captivating looks that initially caught his attention. 

Their secret to a lasting relationship? “We love each other, respect one another, communicate openly and remain faithful. These elements have kept us together all these years. Our advice to other couples is to be honest, prioritize communication, mutual respect and above all, trust in God. Involve Him in every aspect of your relationship or marriage for it to thrive,” shared Mr. and Mrs. Mothupi.

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