High prices causing consumers a headache

Soaring prices have dealt a harsh blow to consumers, with the recent surge in egg prices leaving many in disbelief. Orange Farm News readers took the opportunity to share their perspectives on this pressing matter. 

Nicole Ndebele: I’m not a frequent shopper, so I’ve fallen behind on this. However, based on what my granny has been saying, everything is becoming more expensive. It seems the government has overlooked those who depend on grants, especially when living with individuals without jobs. The groceries they purchase barely last until the end of the month. It feels like we’re being equated with those earning substantial salaries, and people are genuinely discontented with the across-the-board price hikes.

Mapule Mokoena: The escalating prices are absurd; paying R18 for 6 dozen eggs is nonsensical. As consumers, we’re deeply impacted by these price hikes, and we should question the rationale behind such exorbitant increases. Survival is becoming increasingly challenging, and the current times are exceptionally tough.

 Zamubuntu Ndlebe: Food prices have reached alarming levels, posing a significant challenge. The financial struggle is real, with widespread unemployment and even those who are employed finding it hard to make ends meet due to meager incomes. Even with R2,000, there’s little one can accomplish, considering it’s not just groceries but also toiletries, bills, rent.and more. We’re navigating through tough times and these escalating prices are detrimental to the country.

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