Bandit Hearts: Inspiring change and cultivating local talent

Tebogo Nkosi, a multifaceted individual excelling as an entrepreneur, model, hip-hop artist, and student at the Central University of Technology, founded Bandit Hearts in 2021.

This organization not only spotlights local talent but also contributes to the community. Hailing from the challenging environment of Orange Farm, a small township.

Tebogo Nkosi said: “I recognized my calling to give back. Despite the hardships of youth affected by crime and drugs, I remained steadfast in my mission and vision. Completing my Matric at Thetha Secondary School in 2019, I opted for a gap year. Though faced with initial challenges, I held onto the belief that change was on the horizon. In 2021, I initiated Bandit Hearts, an organization leveraging talent to captivate hearts and support the community with our resources.”

“Our inaugural event on November 13, 2021, proved to be a success. This year, we hosted another pageant and aspire to organize more with the hope of securing sponsorships. Our commitment to community transformation persists, with plans to donate clothes and sanitary pads to the needy in 2024. We welcome assistance from those who can contribute to our cause and help us expand our impact,” he added.

To assist Bandit Hearts please call 064 9516 295 or email:

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