No record of Matric certificate for bogus Dr Matthew Lani

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) can confirm that there is no existing record of a National Senior Certificate (NSC), or matric certificate, for Matthew Bongani Lani, who has been masquerading on social media as a medical practitioner.

Our official records indicate that Matthew Bongani Lani was initially enrolled at Bordeaux Primary School in Randburg in 2007. However, he was referred to Gresswold Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN) School in Kew, Johannesburg in January 2010.

This followed an evaluation at the time, which determined that his academic performance dictated that he be transferred to an LSEN school.

Subsequently, his academic journey at Gresswold LSEN School came to an end in September 2012. Matthew re-emerged on our system in 2016 at Fourways Adult Centre, where he wrote 3 subjects as a part time candidate. However, he only passed one of those subjects.

Based on these records, and further verified information at our disposal from UMALUSI, we can confirm that Matthew Bongani Lani indeed does not possess a matric certificate.

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