Family seeks assistance for home repairs following roof damage from strong winds

A family of three in Orange Farm Ext 6a is seeking community support after their home suffered roof damage from strong winds on 5 October.

Thokozani Phiri and her sister, both unemployed and dependent on a child support grant, are facing dire living conditions.

Thokozani expressed her concerns, stating, “This situation tears me apart. It has been five days now, sleeping in a house with no roof and we are always scared because if it rains, we will be stranded.”

With deteriorating living conditions, Thokozani emphasizes the urgency, saying, “We do not have much and would appreciate any kind of help, especially with fixing our house, as it is becoming increasingly unsafe to live in. The walls are cracking, and the bricks are falling.”

If you can assist the Phiri family, please contact them at: 063 018 1002.

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