Kudos to Swidi Wodwa Football Club for reviving school football in Orange Farm!

Today, the Ext 1 Park will witness a showcase of talent as Mphethi Mahlatsi faces off against Qedilizwe Secondary in the Swidi Wodwa Schools Soccer Tournament final.

Swidi Wodwa’s initiative is truly commendable, bringing back school soccer after a prolonged absence. This tournament is a positive step, not just for the excitement it brings, but for the broader impact on academics, fostering respect, discipline and providing a constructive focus for students.

It’s a necessary diversion from negative activities like bullying, conflicts with educators, substance abuse and reducing teenage pregnancies. Addressing these issues will contribute to healthier school environments, fostering better relationships among schools.

The unfortunate reality of violence in schools can be mitigated by engaging students in productive activities. Swidi Wodwa’s efforts deserve congratulations and it’s hoped that the Department of Education, Sports, Culture, and Recreation will actively support such initiatives, ensuring these tournaments become a regular occurrence.

This tournament is a catalyst for positive change in the community, encouraging other schools and parents to invest in sports and rally behind their children. The prospect of soccer talent scouts visiting Orange Farm adds an exciting dimension, showcasing the untapped potential of local players.

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