Ananda Marga highlights societal well-being impact on Heritage Day initiatives

On 25 September, the organization orchestrated a Heritage Day celebration in Extension 7b, at a church near Exchange Ideas Field.

This day, dedicated to appreciating diverse cultures in South Africa and globally, served as a platform for individuals to take pride in their cultural heritage.

Recognizing the importance of steering people away from negative influences like drugs and unplanned pregnancies, Ananda Marga brought together adults and children from various cultures.

Traditional groups, including Zulus, Sothos and Tsongas, showcased their unique practices in a friendly competition, with three standout groups receiving trophies as a nod to their positive contributions to the community.

Dada Krishna, expressing the organization’s mission, highlighted the significance of these celebrations in deterring youngsters from detrimental activities. The event featured captivating performances by different traditional dance groups and offered a culinary journey through diverse traditional foods, including morogo, samp and Sotho cuisine.

Attendees were also treated to fruits, sweets and juice courtesy of Ananda Marga. Coach Clement, from the Community Football League and Competitions NPC, steered the program as the day’s director, ensuring everyone was entertained.

Thapelo, the DJ from Extension 7b, added an extra layer of enjoyment to the festivities.

Dada Krishna concluded by urging cultural leaders to persist in their efforts to promote tradition within communities, emphasizing the positive impact of such initiatives on societal well-being.

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