Chronicles of Crime: Xolani Mbatha’s Journey – Part One

Xolani Mbatha, aged 35 and hailing from Ext 8a, has overcome a tumultuous history as an ex-convict, having completed a 5-year prison term for a rape conviction originally set at 10 years.

Once a member of the notorious DZ gang, infamous for a range of crimes in Orange Farm, Mbatha now reflects on his past with a desire to convey the severe consequences of a life of crime.

Arrested in 2016 and sentenced in 2017, he was granted parole last year due to exemplary behavior during his 5-year incarceration.

Speaking to Orange Farm News, Mbatha attributed his descent into crime to the loss of his mother and poverty but emphasized that these were not excuses for his actions.

He acknowledged, “I’m not proud of what I did. I’ve changed and I’ll never return to a life of crime.”

Recounting his prison experience, Mbatha revealed the harsh realities he faced, both physically, sexually and emotionally. He expressed remorse for the pain he inflicted on others and recognized the consequences of his actions.

Turning to music for solace, he delved into Afro-pop, using his newfound passion to share his story and educate students about the perils of crime.

“Music kept me alive and gave me a second chance in life,” he stated.

Apologizing to his victims and those he harmed, Mbatha expressed hope for forgiveness, acknowledging his past mistakes and asserting, “I was lost back then”.

Looking ahead, Mbatha plans to release a song addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) with a powerful message discouraging abuse against women and children.

Stay tuned for the continuation of Mbatha’s story, where he will delve into the challenges of reintegration into society as an ex-convict.

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