Breakfast: The day’s most vital meal

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Eating a good breakfast and filling your tummy with heart-healthy food sources is the best way to give your body and mind a kick-start and prepare you for the day ahead.

People that eat a balanced and nourishing breakfast generally lead a healthier lifestyle and thrive at controlling their body weight.

Have a look below at how you can change-up your routine and make the most from your mornings with satisfying, heart-healthy breakfasts.

Eat high fibre foods

Eating high-fibre foods in the morning will make you feel fuller for longer and get your digestive system working. Having a high fibre diet will also help you reduce the risk of getting diabetes and heart disease. So tuck into delicious breakfast treats like oatmeal, berries and other fruits, whole wheat bread and breakfast lentils to get the perfect morning fibre fix.

Set the table the night before

Nobody wants to wake up earlier than they need to just to make breakfast. Try setting the table the night before to make mornings easier.

Try this delicious morning wonder

A great breakfast a day keeps bad eating habits away. Here is a delicious, healthy and refreshing morning munch for you to try out: you will need two whole wheat pieces of bread with Flora spread over them, a piece of fruit, a delicious bowl of low-fat yoghurt or a glass of milk.

A breakfast this balanced will refuel your body with all the good energy it needs. To ensure you and your family eat a balanced meal every day, try deliciously healthy Flora recipes.

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