City encourages waste separation at source and recycling in the workplace

Share this article ​“The City of Johannesburg generates over 1.6 million tons of waste annually and recycles around 15% per annum. Its four landfill sites are quickly running out of space.

It is critical the City increases the waste diversion away from landfill sites,” says Makhosazane Baker, who is the Director of Waste Management and Regulations in the City of Johannesburg.

The City is working with national and provincial department, and the private sector including waste pickers to promote waste diversion initiatives such as separation at source and establishment of waste recycling facilities. 

These initiatives are expected help the City to achieve its goal of promoting waste reduction, encouraging sustainable consumption, and creating a circular economy, therefore minimising the environmental impacts associated with waste generation. 

The Environment and Infrastructure Services Department in the City of Johannesburg is encouraging municipal employees and residents in general to actively participate in SA Recycling Week and World Clean-up Day by practicing waste separation and recycling at the workplace. 

This nationwide campaign aims to promote recycling and combat litter in South Africa. It started on Monday 11 September and ends on Saturday, 16 September 2023. Notable events during the week include National River Clean-up Day (13 September), National Recycling Day SA (15 September) and World Clean-up Day on 16 September.

“During this week, please support the City’s waste diversion initiatives by separating your waste from the source and taking it to a recycling facility near you,” says Baker.

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