Invitation extended to Orange Farm residents for the “Mazibuyele Emasisweni” Cultural Celebration

Orange Farm’s Culture Preservation Committee invites residents to come together on 24 September for a Heritage Day Celebration at Emapalini Café, located in Ext 1, Palm Drive.

The dress code for this festive occasion is traditional outfits, so don your cultural attire with pride. This cultural celebration will revolve around the theme “Mazibuyele Emasisweni” welcoming both the young and the old to participate.

The primary aim of this event is to remind people of the importance of preserving their cherished cultures and traditions. Local entrepreneurs who specialize in crafting traditional items such as clothing and beads are warmly invited to showcase their exquisite work, adding to the vibrancy of the festivities.

The organizers emphasize that residents should come not only to have fun but also to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of cultural preservation.

Heritage Day, celebrated on September 24th, holds a special place in South Africa’s heart as it honors the nation’s rich and diverse cultures. Often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ due to its remarkable diversity, Heritage Day embodies the spirit of unity by accepting people of all races and genders.

For additional information, please feel free to contact Dumisani Masondo at 063 523 3281 or Portia Ndaba at 076 168 0819. Join us in celebrating the tapestry of South African heritage on this special day.

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