Orange Farm’s amatwasa confront Gobela in a riveting episode of Moja Love’s Fake Gobela

Moja Love recently unveiled their new show, “Fake Gobela” unmasking false traditional healers which aims to shed light on deceitful traditional healers who exploit their abilities and misguide those seeking spiritual guidance.

In the latest episode, viewers were treated to a whirlwind of drama and controversy as two former trainees (amathwasa) from Orange Farm confronted their gobela (spiritual mentor).

The confrontation was intense, with accusations flying in all directions. The female thwasa accused the gobela of prematurely expelling her from the initiation school and demanded the return of the R10,000 her family had paid him. She also leveled grave allegations of sexual misconduct among initiates during their time at Phehlweni.

In his defense, the gobela portrayed the trainee as troublesome and claimed she was the one engaging in inappropriate conduct. He asserted that her family still owed him money because he had been training two initiates from the same household simultaneously.

The male thwasa also had his grievances, alleging that the gobela failed to perform a crucial initiation ritual (intwaso) and accused him of involving him in witchcraft practices. The gobela vehemently denied all of these claims.

With numerous amathwasa and gobelas in Orange Farm, it’s clear that “Fake Gobela” promises more enthralling drama and disputes to come.

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