Joburg Water responds to DA’s claims of ‘neglected’ chemical toilets in Tjovitjo

Following Orange Farm News’ inquiries regarding the DA issued statement about neglected chemical toilets in Tjovitjo, Johannesburg Water has issued a response as follows: Johannesburg Water is committed to providing essential services to the residents of informal settlements, particularly in areas where basic sanitation services like VIP toilets or communal ablution facilities have not yet been established. Our dedication extends to communities facing challenging conditions, including those in Ivory Park, Orange Farm, Soweto, and Alexandra, where we supply approximately 14,192 chemical toilets.

We would like to address the claim made by the DA regarding the alleged neglect of chemical toilets and the prolonged accumulation of waste in these facilities in the Tjovitjo informal settlement. Contrary to these claims, Johannesburg Water has a scheduled waste collection service in place, ensuring that waste from chemical toilets is collected twice a week.

It’s important to note that prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Johannesburg Water maintained a three-times-a-week service for chemical toilets. This increased frequency was implemented to support enhanced hygiene measures during the pandemic. However, after the COVID-19 situation improved, we adjusted the service frequency to twice a week.

The decision to reduce the frequency of service is not solely based on budget constraints, but it is also aimed at optimizing resources effectively. Servicing chemical toilets three times a week posed logistical challenges that needed to be addressed while ensuring sustainability.

Furthermore, our organization is actively working to engage with the ward councillors in the affected areas to strengthen collaborative efforts in finding sustainable solutions for improving sanitation services. We are committed to exploring alternative and improved sanitation technologies that can enhance the overall living conditions and dignity of residents in informal settlements.

Johannesburg Water remains steadfast in our commitment to providing dignified sanitation services to residents, and we will continue to pursue efforts to implement these improved technologies and solutions for the betterment of our communities. We thank the DA for their concerns and assure them that we are actively addressing these issues to ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

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