Orange Farm library blends young and old experiences during National Book Week

​​National Book Week at Orange Farm Library was not just about books, it bridged generations, preserved stories and celebrated the love of learning. It was a week filled with warmth, wisdom, and the realisation that books have the power to connect us regardless of age.

 During National Book Week, Orange Farm Library radiated with the wisdom of age and the joy of reading as it embraced senior citizens in a heart-warming and educational celebration.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the library distributed books to senior citizens, encouraging them to immerse themselves in literature in the cosy confines of their homes. On a crisp September morning, the library hummed with excitement.

Each senior citizen held a book close to their hearts as they passionately shared the stories and the lessons unearthed in the pages of their chosen books.What added an extra layer of richness to this gathering were the senior citizens who generously shared anecdotes from their own life stories. 

They delved into the past, recounting their experiences of growing up, recalling the challenges they faced, and the triumphs they achieved. Their narratives painted a vivid tapestry of life that blended seamlessly with the tales in the books they cherished.The celebration continued the next day as the library underwent a transformation.

Collaborative efforts between librarians and enthusiastic pupils from local schools culminated in the creation of a magnificent book tower. This towering edifice served as a testament to the enduring love for reading and showcased the library’s vast and diverse collection.

Queen Mhlongo, a devoted Librarian in the City of Johannesburg, unveiled another facet of the library’s mission to promote literacy. She embarked on the task of teaching senior citizens to navigate computers and type. These newfound skills are meant to aid senior citizens tell their life stories. Mhlongo expressed a desire for the stories to be shared with the world, ensuring that the voices and experiences of the older generation resonate for generations to come.​

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