Atoning towards a progressive and prosperous African reform

If mass democracy and liberation were a true reflection of the ideal democratization and liberation of African communities, then the process would have made money and all available resources more accessible to the majority without marginalizing any segment. The monetary system is just one aspect among many systems.

Opinion by Sifiso Mbhele

However, in our pursuit of a progressive and prosperous African reform, we must emphasize that Africa needs more than just alternatives; it requires the invention of suitable systems and remedies that go beyond the monetary system. While we celebrate Heritage Month and acknowledge what is currently in place, we must also strive to create what does not yet exist.

In this endeavor, African communities must shift their focus away from yielding too much power to political manifestos and policies dictated by political parties. Instead, political parties in African countries should prioritize the policy demands set by their communities.

To ensure the successful realization of this progressive and prosperous African reform, it is essential for African communities to initiate and establish their own communal policy documents. These documents will enable them to engage in a constructive and robust fight against the pervasive political injustices that persist within the African context.

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  • September 5, 2023 at 2:42 pm

    Well articulated opinion.


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