Meet the eloquent and dedicated voice of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD)

​​If you know Xolani Fihla, you’ll know he is modest to the core and dedicated to his job, which makes his recent promotion to the rank of superintendent a well-deserved boost. Fihla is the eloquent and dedicated voice of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD).

He was appointed superintendent on 1 August 2023. “I was ecstatic about the promotion,” Fihla said. Beneath the uniform and badge lies a multifaceted individual with passions that transcend his official role. Hailing from Soweto, Fihla is not only a dedicated officer but also a gifted hip-hop performer. Before donning the JMPD attire, he aspired to become a prominent figure in the music scene.

Under the stage name “Badass”, which stood for “brain, ability determines attitude, skill, and strength”, he was part of a group that graced numerous stages. Music has been an integral part of his life since his early days, and his passion for it remains unwavering.Fihla’s talents extended to the small screen in 2020.

He made a cameo appearance in the South African TV series Kings of Joburg on Netflix, sharing the screen with Zolisa Xaluva, Tsholofelo Matshaba, and the late Shona Ferguson. Portraying the role of a JMPD officer who halts Shona and Zolisa at a roadblock, Fihla showcased his versatility beyond his badge.

After matriculating from Greenside High, Fihla pursued a diploma in journalism. This marked a pivotal phase where he honed his communication skills and expanded his vocabulary, an experience he cherishes to this day. He also ventured into photography through a short course and gained expertise in sound engineering through a learnership.

Fihla’s journey to the JMPD was spurred by his father, George Fihla. Despite an initial setback, his determination led him to join the JMPD officially in 2008. From inner city foot patrols to field training at the Fairlands Police Station and ward-based policing in Soweto, Fihla progressed steadily, accumulating a wealth of experience.

In 2015, an internal programme introduced select officers from various units and regions to train as communication officers. He was among the chosen officers. This opened doors to his role as a traffic update announcer on Jozi FM, an endeavour he still fervently pursues.Working alongside seasoned spokesperson Wayne Minnaar proved invaluable in his growth, building on his public speaking skills, and moulding his trajectory as a spokesperson.

The role of a spokesperson resonated deeply with Fihla, aligning with his willingness to learn and embrace new challenges. Supported by the entire JMPD, management, and fellow officers, he recognises that his journey wouldn’t have been possible without their unwavering backing.

With his eyes set on evolving as a spokesperson, Fihla’s dedication to the City and its people remains unshaken.​Asked about his motivation, he humbly states: “It’s to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s not about me, but the City.”

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