Nkosana Ngobese Foundation embarks on a landmark journey to Orange Farm’s historic parade

The Nkosana Ngobese Foundation (NNF) is diligently preparing for an extraordinary Carnival Parade set to captivate Orange Farm’s streets on November 5.

To pave the way for this historic event, the NNF recently conducted a comprehensive workshop at the ArtStudio@5018 Ext 3, bringing together a talented ensemble of artists from Assitej and Icapsa on 1 September .

The primary objective of this workshop was to provide guidance and clarity to both facilitators and artists regarding their respective roles and contributions to ensure the Carnival Parade’s resounding success.

This November Carnival Parade promises an array of live performances, including enchanting puppetry, indigenous melodies, captivating street theater, graceful amatshitshi (maidens) and awe-inspiring bodybuilders, among other dazzling acts.

Orange Farm will bear witness to the spectacle as two distinct groups embark on their parade journeys from separate starting points, converging at a single focal point. The first group, stationed at Love Life (YCentre) Ext 6, will focus on contemporary performances, while the second group, commencing their procession from Mshengu Park Ext 1, will showcase Indigenous talents.

The climax of this grand celebration will occur when both groups unite at the Multi Purpose venue, just opposite the Boxer Supermarket, for an extended revelry.

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