The organizers of Miss Teen Orange Farm are seeking sponsorship for their upcoming event

Nkosimphile Aliyah Masiteng, a dedicated model and CEO of Thandolwethu Drive NPO, is hosting the event on 23 September. She is looking for sponsors to provide crowns, sashes, and gifts for the contestants.

Masiteng also invites aspiring models aged 7-12 and 13-18 to register for Miss Teen Orange Farm 2023. Through her NPO, Thandolwethu Drive, she collects clothing, shoes, sanitary towels, and essential goods to donate to those in need. She strongly believes in women’s empowerment and fighting poverty within her community.

Her personal values are dedication, ambition and kindness, which drive her to work tirelessly toward her goals. She recognizes that while helping one person might not change the world, it can certainly change that person’s world.

The pageant’s focus is on empowering women and helping them realize their potential. It’s a platform for women to come together, support one another and pave the way for future female leaders. The Central Orange Farm pageant provides an opportunity for women to discover their self-worth, fostering engagement, entertainment and authentic self-expression.

Masiteng shared with Orange Farm News that her target audience is young girls aspiring for a modeling career. She’s committed to making their dreams a reality. Sponsoring the event offers the chance to have a brand ambassador representing sponsors at official pageant events, during the event itself and in various media formats. Business sponsors can gain positive publicity, leading to increased product visibility and market share.

State titleholders also serve as valuable advertising ambassadors, with generous market packages offered in exchange. The event will distribute sponsored products to beauty influencers nationwide, in return for product donations.

The registration deadline is 10 September 10. For more information, contact Masiteng on 064 186 7932.

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