Babes weHustle of the week Lerato Malatji

This week we are crushing on Lerato Malatji, a commercial model, ventured into the Miss South Africa competition in 2022, securing a spot in the prestigious Top 35. Alongside her modeling career, Malatji manages a clothing thrifting enterprise.

She handpicks and resells preloved fashion items, embarking on an entrepreneurial path in 2020 after parting ways with her corporate job. While sustainable fashion had always been close to her heart, she decided to transform her passion into a profitable endeavor.

Specializing in curating thrifted fashion aligned with the current season, her unique pieces are marketed through social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and WhatsApp. For those intrigued by her work, Malatji welcomes them to connect with her on social media through her handles, NokoThrifts and @_nokothrifts, as she shared with Orange Farm News.

Name: Lerato Malatji

Age: 28

Place of residence: Drieziek 1

Marital status: Single

Occupation: Commercial model

Hustle: Clothing business

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