MMC Kenny Kunene and JRA launch #OperationRestore in Orange Farm

In a significant move, MMC Kenny Kunene, together with the JRA Board and Acting CEO Zweli Nyathi, initiated the #OperationRestore Programme in Orange Farm on August 16. This proactive effort aims to tackle pressing issues related to infrastructure and community well-being.

MMC Kunene, accompanied by Cllr Ndela, Cllr Molefe, and community members, embarked on a walkabout in Ext 1 to identify problematic roads, including the notorious sewer spillage on Palm Road. Residents conveyed their years-long frustration with the deplorable state of this road, citing its unbearable odor and its unusability for vehicles, even emergency ones.

Extending the oversight inspection, MMC Kunene’s team journeyed to 6 and 7 cross roads, assessing the ongoing resurfacing project on Monyane Street—a 1.5km stretch from Golden Highway to Falcon Road. Additionally, the delegation visited Ext 2 Taxi Rank to evaluate the extent of road damage. Remedial actions, such as pothole patching and sewer unblocking, were undertaken.

During this initiative, MMC Kunene took the opportunity to engage directly with residents in their homes, receiving a warm and receptive response. He reiterated the urgency of addressing Orange Farm’s neglected status, dubbing it a “neglected child.” The occasion also marked the launch of #OperationLungisa, signaling the community’s commitment to revitalization.

Highlighting the impact of criminal activities on progress, Kunene condemned incidents of robbery against construction workers. He called for unity and vigilance to overcome such challenges, underscoring the pivotal role community plays in transformation.

Addressing road maintenance concerns, MMC Kunene emphasized responsible behaviors, including preventing water accumulation on roads and ensuring adequate drainage for car washes. Proper waste disposal was also stressed to prevent drain blockages.

As the #OperationRestore Programme gains momentum, it seeks to breathe new life into Orange Farm, transforming it into a vibrant and well-maintained community. The collaboration between MMC Kenny Kunene and JRA resonates as a proactive step toward positive change. Stay tuned to Orange Farm News’ social media pages as the operation unfolds, promising a better future for Orange Farm residents.

MMC Kunene and delegates’ oversight inspection expanded to 6 and 7 cross roads where they inspected the progress of resurfacing of 1.5km road on Monyane Street from Golden Highway to Falcon Road. They also went to Ext 2 Taxi Rank to inspect the damage road. Also patched potholes, unblocked sewers and more.

Kunene used the day to engage with residents by visiting them in their homes and he was well received.

Kunene said: “Orange Farm is a neglected child, there are many bad roads here and we want to change that. We want Orange Farm to have good roads, be a nice area like others that’s why we are here today to launch #OperationLungisa. Criminal elements delay progress as there were complains of construction workers getting robbed while working in this area. That must stop. We want a better Orange Farm.”

“Residents must protect what’s theirs that include keeping water off the roads because that damages them, car washes must have drains to avoid water from running and damaging roads. Also dumping what’s not right in drains causes blockages let’s be careful,” urged Kunene.

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