Gauteng unites for responsible liquor trading and drinking

In a ground-breaking collaboration, the Gauteng Provincial Government, joined by liquor traders, producers, marketers, retailers, intermediaries, and trade associations, embarked on a transformative journey towards responsible liquor trading, consumption and distribution.

On Tuesday, 15 August, the Provincial Government and the liquor industry signed a pledge ensuring that the sector prioritises safety before profits. Recognising the far-reaching impact of liquor misuse on society, the province is taking decisive action to prioritise safety, reduce crime, and promote responsible practices.

Liquor misuse has adverse effects on families, communities, and contributes to crime, gender-based violence, foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and road accidents. The pledge also acknowledges the substantial economic contribution and job creation facilitated by the liquor industry.

Gauteng Premier, Panyaza Lesufi, emphasised, “We are determined to address the challenges associated with liquor misuse head-on. Through compliance monitoring, eradicating illegal trade, and reducing corruption, we aim to foster an era where all liquor traders operate responsibly and uphold the law.  To ensure this, we are in the process of employing 800 liquor inspectors that will jointly work with law enforcement.”

Gauteng MEC for Economic Development, Tasneem Motara stated, “The Gauteng Liquor Pledge marks a turning point in our commitment in creating a safer and more responsible environment for our communities. By prioritising safety over profits and ensuring effective regulation, we are taking proactive steps towards positive change.”

The Gauteng Liquor Pledge commits to responsible liquor trading, consumption and distribution. The pledge not only underscores the need for ethical practices within the liquor industry but also supports the growth of a prosperous province.

To achieve these objectives, the Gauteng Provincial Government and its partners pledge their support to the Gauteng Liquor Board. This partnership will ensure that all liquor traders and retailers are equipped with the knowledge and resources to trade responsibly and adhere to liquor trading and licensing conditions as stipulated by the Gauteng Liquor Act and related laws.

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